How to install car door lights projector?

  Auto modification has become more and more popular among many car enthusiasts. Car retrofit is popular culture at the moment. Modifying can improve many features, such as Stability, fuel consumption, and more. At the same time, the retrofit can change the style of your vehicle, which is the personalization of the car. What a cool thing to be different now, easily recognizable in a crowd.

  Today, with the increasing popularity of automobiles, people are paying more and more attention to the lighting of their cars, and one of the most concerns is the car door light projector.

  Nowadays, cars generally have their original door welcome lights, which are installed under the door or under the rearview mirror. The purpose is to illuminate the road under your feet when you open the door at night. But the original door lights of most vehicles are either the brightness of the light source is not enough, or there is only a reserved welcome light position, such as Volkswagen VW Golf.  That is why many people want to improve the door lighting, give the car a new look.

  About how to install car door lights projector, there are many articles talk about this topic, here a comprehensive summary is made, especially for the Volkswagen series models which the original door only have reflectors.

  Cars have original door lights

  1. The first step is to check if your original car has door lights, which is the important step before buying plug-play door lights.
  2. Choose proper door logo lights for your vehicles, there are many online shops and platforms that offer them. When you purchase door lights, warm suggest you provide the specific car model and produced year to the seller, so that they send you the exact plugs that fit the car.
  3. When receiving the parcel, then prepare to install, clean the door area to make the installation look professional, prepare the tools and projector lights.
  4. Use the installation tool to remove the original door lights. Gently pry along the edges, finger hold to put out the plug
  5. Plug in the new door projector lights with correspondent connector, test the lights, and check if the logo shadow lights direction as your need?
  6. Insert the welcome lights into the original car plug and finished.


  Volkswagen VW door lights only reflectors

  Volkswagen has different models and different configurations. Some models already have door lights. Please refer to the steps above to upgrade the car welcome lights. If the original car only has a reflector and can’t be lighted on, also, it can be upgraded the door lights, which will be a bit more steps. The following show how to install VW puddle lights for Golf mk7, also as a reference for VW cars only have a reflector, such Lamando, etc

  Installation of Rear door VW puddle lights for Golf

1. Test the lamps with the 12V DC power supply firstly.

vw logo door light test

2. Rear door courtesy lights, cause the rear door has no module and can only be connected to the circuit. The idea is to take the 12v positive from the window lift motor, and then use the door closing pin to ground. The pins of the two rear doors are different, the rear door of the driver’s seat is pin 2, and the rear door of the passenger seat is pin 5.

3. Remove the car rear door, pry off a screw on the armrest cover, a screw in the middle of the door panel, and a plastic screw at the bottom that is rotated 90 degrees to unlock, the screws are all t25 standard. Pay attention to the three connectors of the rear door unlocking, window control, and treble

(Tips: It is relatively difficult to disassemble the door panels of some Volkswagen models than other Japanese and Korean cars. The buckles are special. If the disassembly is not good, there will be gaps in the installation. If you think it is too difficult, I suggest you find a professional car mechanic, he will help you remove the car door.)

4.  The door closed detection socket is connected to the negative pole of the lamp, from the window lift motor takes 12v positive voltage. (please see following images)

5. Afterwards, the rear door can be reversely restored. It is recommended that if you are not skilled in dismantling the door, prepare a few more door buckles.




car nagative pole
car positive pole

  Installation of front door VW puddle lights for Golf

The front door is a bit more complicated. The front door has modules, rear-view mirror wire heads, ambient light wire heads, car lock security light wire heads, central lock wire heads, and so on. But having a module means that you can directly connect the line to the corresponding function port of the module, and then brush out the light mode.

  1. Remove the front door. for this step, you can refer to how to disassemble the rear doors, which will not be described here.
  2. Unplug the module connector, pull out the inner core, and find the 16-pin and 5-pin correspondingly.


module connector
VW Golf Pins

         3. This white plug is the blue plug in the picture left. The blue shell on the outside looks like it is open. There is one positive pole and one negative pole on the door panel light. The corresponding line position is marked as shown in the above picture because the original car plug is marked with the line, It is wired, do the wiring installation as we can, connect the door light plug we bought to the marked line, and wrap it with electrical tape. After all the above are done, don’t rush to install the door panel.

       4. Connect computer and VCDS, here is a tutorial for coding:

  • Wiring: the front door, the left, and right doors are the same: the positive pole is connected to 16, and the negative pole is connected to 5 (connect the wire together)
  • Coding: Into 42/52 door control module, click long coding helper
  • Tick the 1st byte Bit2, execute and do it

           5.  After that, check whether the light work normally, and check whether the computer has a fault code. If there is no problem, then install the door panel back to its original position, all is perfect!

To sum up, upgrading the VW golf door lights projector requires a lot of hands-on ability. If you think it is too difficult, you can find professional installers to help you retrofit the puddle lights.


This is the final effect:

vw golf mk7 door lights

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How to install the universal car door light logo projector?

For some cars that don’t have original door lights, here are the steps for your reference.

1. First test if the projection lights can work normally.
2. Remove the car door panel.
3. Find the correct position and drill with a punch.
4. Install the logo projector lights, tighten the screw to fix the logo shadow lights, and then connect the positive and negative poles to the wires that controls the door switch.
5. Check if it is installed correctly. Does the lights work properly? if the projector logo direction is what you want.
6. Install the car door panel back to its original position. All is done!


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