Installation Guide

   Plug&Play OEM car Door logo ghost lights

    1.Use a installation tool to Remove the Original Door Lights .
   2. Plug In new Door projector Lights With Correspondent Connector.
   3. Put new Door ghost Lights To the place Where Your Original Step Lights Were.
   4. Car Logo Supposed to be Projecting On To The Ground, Done!

car door lights installation instruction

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Installation guide for different cars

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      Side Mirror projector welcome lights

  1. Use a flat head screw driver to remove the original puddle light.
  2. Pull out the original thread.
  3. Connect our welcome logo projector light to original plug, pay attention to Right&Left .
  4. Turn left or right to adjust logo angle.
  5. Installation Finished.

Installation guide for Charge Version door lights

  1. Test the lights in the dark, turn them on/off, and check for enough power.
  2. if no have, charge the door lights, when the blue light turns on, it means charged fully.
  3. use the small tool to remove the reflector
  4. replace with the new lights
  5. Observe whether the door light switches on and off with the car door switch
  6. If yes, then the installation is done. if not, then you need to put the sensitive silver stickers on the doorsill,
    The sensitive sticker aligns with the induction light.
Charge version door lights

7. When the door lights turn on/off automatically, the installation is done.