Is it worthwhile that custom car door lights?

car door projector personalised

Our life is going fast, sometimes let life go slowly and enjoy the beauty when we bow our heads.

So we say that life needs a sense of ritual. The sense of ritual comes from the small details of life. The sense of ritual “makes every day different from other days, and makes this moment different from the other moments.

After working a whole day and return to your own car space, the car door lights give you a warm greeting

courtesy door light custom
door lights custom

Whenever you open one of the car doors, the car welcome lights under each car will be turned on, and the projection image will have become a greeting, an agreement, or a secret sign between you and your car. This uniqueness, also you can enjoy together with your co-pilot and back seat partners.

Car door lights custom can create any logo you want, make a surprise, bring your special greetings and fun, this is a unique experience for you when you open your car door.

Whether custom door projector lights are worthwhile depends on everyone’s ideas, one thousand spectators, one thousand Hamlet. But we believe that people who like it must think it is worthwhile, they are willing to spend money to give themselves a unique experience. What we can do is to provide professional services and bring you bright and clear car door welcome lights.

Easy to install:  No need to drill, there is no need to change the route or purchase the harness, no decoding it. Just remove the original light and turn on the car door ghost light.

Providing custom non-fading quartz logos: Until now, we are a unique seller that providing custom non-fading logos, which are 3 times brighter than regular custom logos, the door lights will keep permanent clear even after a long time of use.

High definition:  The door lights are designed with high brightness CREE led chip and premium lens to achieve high definition pattern, meanwhile, it is also low power consumption.

This is our part of work:

custom car door projector lights
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