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3D car logo stickers Lexus, Special for Lexus, using Metal alloy material, firmly adhesive, Create a new iconic and modern decal for your car.


Premium metal alloy material, the surface is bright without fading.

3D(three-dimensional) decal, brings your car an impressive look, simple and fashionable.

Smooth edging prevents scratching and gives you warm protection.

Non-destructive installation with special adhesive for cars, simple and firmly

Laser engraving, Epoxy process

The badge uses mechanized laser engraving and fine glue to make the product more beautiful and atmospheric

New design, two colors( Golden/Silver) are available

Dedicate your logo, upgrade the exterior grade, and bring a different taste to your car

Metal alloy material

Premium metal alloy material, anti-rust, waterproof, and dustproof.

Freely paste on any plane car place

Whatever car body or car window, paste anywhere you want, no damage to your car paint, no trace of disassembly and assembly, free decoration



Size: Height 7cm 2.76”  Width 6cm 2.36”

Material: Zinc Alloy + PVC glue

Back with 3M adhesive tape

Dustproof, Waterproof, and Anti-rust.

Installation instructions:

Easy to install, the self-adhesive stickers are attached at the back, just peel and paste.



  1. Clean the area where the badge is being placed.
  2. Make sure there is no residue or dust and keep the place dry.
  3. Take the paper backing off the badge.
  4. Apply the badge to the vehicle.
  5. Push down the badge and repeat it several times so it adheres well.
  6. The badge must be placed on a flat surface.


How to use it?

1.   It’s best to clean the place with alcohol before you stick, keep it dry and without water, oil, dust, or wax.

2.   According to the sticker’s size choose a flat place, and tear off the 3M adhesive tape to stick. (You can use the lighter to heat the glue so that the viscosity will be stronger.) Press tightly for a moment then finish.