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5D Audi light up emblem, led dynamic badge for the front grill, illuminated Audi badge, fit for Audi A1/A3/A4 /A5/A6/TT/S4/S5/S6/Q3/Q7, etc. Increase the visibility of your car, and give your car an impressive look.


  1. The surface is chrome-plated, in order to keep the same exact appearance as the original car.
  2. We develop the Audi light up emblem 100% according to the original emblem, with no extra white border.
  3. This dynamic Audi badge has two Dynamic effects, with no requirement for any apps to manage. Just connect your Daytime running lights/headlights thread. Each time when you lock/unlock the symbol, it shows the dynamic effects. and When you at driving, it constantly lights on.
  4. If you want the emblem lights only brighten at night, you can wire headlights. If you want to illuminate when driving, you can wire Daytime running lights.
  5. Waterproof and simple installation, the product included car 3M adhesive tape that makes the installation very easy. just remove the original car badge and stick the new one in its place.
  6. LED Light color: white/red/blue ( only one color). Power supply: DC12V+/- 10%. Cable length: 60cm. Material: ABS + LED + Electroplating process.


273mm x 95mm(approx:10.6 x 3.7 inches). Fit for the following cars:

  • A3 2003-2017 8P
  • S3 2006-2017 8P
  • RS3 2006-2017 8P
  • A4 2005-2017 B7
  • A4 2008-2011 PRE-FACELIFT B8
  • A5 2007-2017 B8
  • A6 2006-2011 C6
  • 2007-2010 C6 S4 2013-2017
  • S5 2010-2017
  • S6 2007-2010 C6
  • Audi A1 /Audi SQ7 / Audi TT

285 x 99 mm (approx: 11.22 x 3.9inches), fit for the following cars:

  • A6,S6,RS6  2010-2016 4G C7
  • A7,S7,RS7  2009-2016 4G8
  • Q3 2011-2015 8U
  • Q5 2008-2016 8R /
  • Q7 2005-2015 4L


1. It is very important to measure and check the dimensions of your original badge before making an order. 

2. For some of Audi’s cars, our LED emblem clips are different from the original emblem. When you install, you need to cut the clips and use glue to fix them. If you mind of it, please don’t order.

 Installation Steps:

  1. Measure the size of your car badge first before ordering to send you the right Light up Audi badge
  2. Remove the front bumpers
  3. Remove the button of the original car badge on the back of the center grid carefully, and remove the original car badge
  4. Check which wire connects the circuit, sometimes need to drill a small hole (not always required). The Red wire Connects the daytime/ headlights thread (please do not link the brake thread ), and the Black wire links the Grounding thread
  5. Install the Audi light up emblem, the package includes 8 buckles and double fixation with a 3M sticker. Unpeel the 3M sticky Back plastic from the back of the badge light and stick it into place.

If you want to know whether your car can be utilized or not, please measure your symbol dimension. Then we can understand if your automobile can be used or otherwise.

 Return details:

Light up Audi badges aren’t regular products, if you require the emblem to be 100% suitable to your cars and vehicles, we apologize that this item is not suitable for you, we created this symbol according to the original badge, but it still has little distinction from your initial emblem, like clips.

We will test the products before shipping, after sending out the package, we can’t accept Refunds and Returns due to the wrong size. If the product has a quality issue, you can contact us, our products offer one-year quality guaranteed.



273mm x 95mm, 285 X 99 mm, 288 x 100 mm

Surface Plating Color

Gloss Black, Silver Chrome

Emitting Color

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