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Cadillac Puddle Lights, as mirror lights fit for Cadillac Escalade /ATS/ CT4/ CT5/ CT6/ Escalade ESV. This is a new, creative and modern design, It includes a set of left and right Led side Cadillac puddle projector ghost lights, with non-fading glass logos. The projection symbol look likes a lighting carpet, it will give you surprise and eye-catching.  Easy to install, and waterproof.



  1. The products include a set of left and right LED side mirror puddle lights with Cadillac logo projection for your Cadillac CT4, CT5, CT6, ATS, and Escalade, please make sure your car can fit for before purchase. If not sure, you can check your original side mirror lights or Contact us ( Email: or WhatsApp: 86-18022372691)
  2. Non-fading color projection logo, there are two no fading color glass logo slides (driver and passenger side), it will keep bright and clear, buy one time and use it forever.
  3. Simple installation,100% plug&play, No need for drill holes, No need for wires, just directly replace your factory Puddle Lights located underneath your vehicle’s outside rearview mirrors.
  4. There is Sealed housing to help prevent water intrusion, and illuminates the ground by the vehicle, helping to prevent you from stepping into a puddle, snow, or other debris. With ultrasonic heated and the best waterproof affection, the projection angle can be adjustable by rotating the optical tube.
  5. There are Seven different projection logos for your option: Ray symbols with Cadillac logo, Musical symbols with Cadillac logo, Ray symbols with V shape logo, and Musical symbols with V shape logo.

Detail Application:

Cadillac  ATS 2013-2019

Cadillac  CT4 2019-2022

Cadillac  CT5 2019-2023

Cadillac  CT6 2016-2022

Cadillac  Escalade 2015-2021

Cadillac  Escalade ESV 2015-2021

Reliable, Super bright, High Definition Cadillac mirror lights.

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