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Jeep door lights logo, It includes a set of left and right LED side puddle projector ghost lights, with non-fading glass logos. Model A fit for the Jeep Cherokee from 2016 to 2023 year, and Model B fit for the Jeep Grand Cherokee from 2014 to 2022 year.


  1. The products include a set of left and right LED side mirror puddle lights, the products were developed according to the size of the original mirror puddle lights, with 100% accuracy to match your car. Flame retardant shell, PC shell material, and high-temperature resistance prolong product life.
  2. please make sure your car can fit before purchase. If not sure, you can check your original side mirror lights or Contact us ( Email: or WhatsApp: 86-18022372691)
  3. Non-fading color projection logo, there are two non-fading color glass logo slides (driver and passenger side), it will keep long term bright and clear, buy one time and use it forever.
  4. Simple installation, No need for drill holes, No need for wires, just directly replace your factory Puddle Lights located underneath your vehicle’s outside rearview mirrors, the installation for Model A is plug and play.  For model B need to open the inside mirror and replace the original mirror puddle lights.
  5. There is a premium sticker to help prevent water intrusion, and illuminates the ground by the vehicle, helping to prevent you from stepping into a puddle, snow, or other debris. With ultrasonic heating and the best waterproof affection, the projection angle can be adjustable.

Detailed Compatibility

Model A

Jeep Cherokee from 2016 to the 2022 year

Model B

Jeep Grand Cherokee from 2014 to the 2022 year

Custom Mirror puddle lights for Cherokee and Grand Cherokee

If your car belongs to the above models, and you need any new images, welcome you to custom door lights. we can provide a custom service of plug & play mirror logo lights with non-fading quartz glass lenses, custom quartz glass lenses only support the image in black and white color.

Installation guide

For Model A Jeep Cherokee

  1. Use a tool to pry off the original mirror puddle lights.
  2. Remove the lights and Unplug the original car wiring.
  3. Please take out the wire head of the welcome light and connect it; no need to distinguish the positive and negative poles.
  4. The installation is done!

For Model B Jeep Grand Cherokee

    1. Pry out the original car rearview mirror lens.
    2. Take out the lens.
    3. Unscrew the screws and take out the original welcome light.
    4. Align the new welcome light plug with the original car plug.
    5. Align the position and install it back, and tighten the screws.
    6. Install the lens and the installation is complete.

Model B Jeep Grand Cherokee Installation Guide

Grand Cherokee mirror puddle lights Installation guide

Model A, Model B