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Peugeot door lights logo, also called puddle lights, which are using quartz glass lens, the lights will keep bright and clear for a long time, the products cover one-year quality guarantee and free shipping, fit for a wide range of Peugeot cars.


  • HD PROJECTION Quartz glass lens: Using a high-brightness Led bulb with 500 lumens, the light passes through a high-definition heat-resistant film, and after passing through an ultra-high-definition lens, an undistorted and decolorized pattern will be displayed on the ground.
  • BETTER COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Peugeot 206/207/306/307/406/408/5008/607806/1007/Expect3/RCZ, etc. For detailed car models, please check the following list.
  • BETTER CHIP DECODING TECHNOLOGY: Used the newest car decoding circuit chip, which will not conflict with car software. Use high-quality circuit boards and parts, which can carry more current, and absolutely eliminate the noise caused by high current.
  • HIGH HEAT DISSIPATION EFFICIENCY: The cooling system is made with a Nano-superconducting aluminum heat sink, low-power chip, and Led bulb, parts that stabilize the current to ensure high-temperature resistance and heat dissipation efficiency.
  • Plug and play! No drilling, no disassembling, no damage to your car. If have any problems, please contact us and all issues will be resolved within 24 hours.

Detailed Compatibility

Model A

206 (1998-2010)

207 (2006-2016)

306 (1997-1999)

307 (2001-2005)

406 (1995-2004)

408 (2010-2013)

5008 (2009-2016)

607 (1999-2010)

806 (1994-2001)

1007 (2004-2009)

Expert3 (2000-2007)

RCZ (2010-2016)

Model B

407 (2009-2010)


  1. Please double-check your vehicles owner’s manual or the original bulb to confirm the correct light size you need before placing the order to avoid the return hassle
  2. Please remark on your car model and production year when placing the order.
  3. one unit price for 2 pieces of door lights ( one left and one right )

Wireless courtesy door light custom

If your car belongs to the above models, and you need any new images, welcome you to custom door lights. Not only custom universal door lights but also we can provide custom service of plug & play door lights and non-fading door lights.

Any logo/brand/photo/words/pattern can be customized, create more fun, or bring a surprise to your life.

For more details, you can visit the car door lights custom service page.


  1. Free Shipping for any order over US$30
  2. We process orders between Monday and Saturday. Orders will be processed within 2 business days of ordering and shipped out the next day after the processing day. We don’t ship on Sundays and Holidays.

Warranty service:

  1. We offer 30 days replacement and a one-year warranty quality guarantee, which is not applicable to human being damage or other subjective factors.
  2. For customized products, it doesn’t belong to quality issues or factory problems, it is not applicable to the refund policy, warm suggest you confirm the logo pattern, size, and car model before placing the order.
  3. Should you get any questions, please feel free to contact our support team, we’ll do our best to provide you with satisfactory service.

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