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Porsche logo door lights, also called puddle lights, are fit for Porsche Cayenne, Taycan, Panamera, Boxster, Macan, etc. The door lights are designed with Cree LED Chip and upgraded quartz glass lens, the projector logo will remain clear and bright after working for a long time. No fade, No dim, No washout. The products cover the service of a 365-day guarantee period, Free shipping, and 30 days of free-risk payment return.


  1. Better compatibility: Model A fit for Porsche Cayenne 2010-2018, Boxster 2013~2019, cayman 2013~2019, Macan 2013~2023, Macan S 2013~2023, Macan T 2013-2023, S3/S4 2013, Porsche 911 2013~2019; Model B fit for Porsche Boxster 2004~2011, Cayman 2005~2012, Panamera 2010~2016, Porsche 911 2004~2012; Model C fit for Porsche Panamera 2017~2023; Model D fit Porsche Cayenne 2019-2023, 911 2020-2023, Taycan 2019-2023, Cayman 2020-2023, Boxster 2020-2023; Model E fit for Porsche Cayenne 2003-2006; Model F fit for Porsche Cayenne 2007~2009.
  2. Easy installation: Installation is simple, directly replace the original car door lights, No drilling, no wiring, no disassemble
  3. Guarantee Quality: Using high-quality LED light source and HD lens,3D laser light of illuminated entry system, very bright lighting output, low power consumption.
  4. COOL LOOK: The ghost shadow lights will project your car brand logo on the ground whenever the car door is open. The laser lamp welcome light looks cool and can be a nice gift for anyone.


  1. Please make sure your car has original door lights before purchase.
  2. When purchasing an order, please note your car model and year so that we can recommend a suitable model for you.

Detail Compatibility

Model A fit for
Porsche Cayenne 2010-2018
Porsche Boxster 2013~2019
Porsche Cayman 2013~2019
Porsche Macan 2013~2023
Porsche Macan S 2013~2023
Porsche Macan T 2013-2023
Porsche S3/S4 2013
Porsche 911 2013~2019

If the above cars (except Boxster ) do not have original door lights, just reflectors, the Model A battery version, or the Model A charge version fits the car.

What is the difference between the Model A battery version and the Model A Charge version?

The Model A battery version needs to be put extra 3 pcs of AAA batteries and needs a case to put the batteries in. If your car doesn’t have enough to put the case, we suggest don’t consider this one; if there is enough space, you can choose the model A charge version.

The Model A charge version uses USB to Charge, it no need to put in extra batteries, no need to put battery case.

if the above car has original door lights, then choose Model A, no need to choose Model A battery version or charge version.

Model B is fit for
Porsche Boxster 2004~2011
Porsche Cayman 2005~2012
Porsche Panamera 2010~2016
Porsche 911 2004~2012

Model C fit for Porsche Panamera 2017~2023

Model D fit
Porsche Cayenne 2019-2023,
Porsche 911 2020-2023,
Porsche Taycan 2019-2023,
( Note: Special for the Porsche Taycan 2019-2023, for the rear door lights, as the original door plugs are too wide, it will hide a small part of the projection image. if you mind of it, we suggest you choose Model D, and Style C, as Style C will show the full image projection; if you don’t mind of it,  you can choose any of Style A, Style B, or Style C as you like. For the front door lights, you can choose any of the styles you like.)
Porsche Cayman 2020-2023,
Porsche Boxster 2020-2023;

If the above cars do not have original door lights, just reflectors, the Model D charge version fits the car.

If the above car has original door lights, then choose Model D, no need to choose the Model D charge version.

Model E fit for Porsche Cayenne 2003-2006;

Model F fit for Porsche Cayenne 2007~2009.

Custom door lights

 If your car belongs to the above models, and you need any new images, welcome you to custom door lights. Not only custom universal door lights but also we can provide custom service of plug & play door lights and non-fading door lights.

Any logo/brand/photo/words/pattern can be customized, create more joy, or bring a surprise to your life.

For more details, you can visit the custom door logo lights service page.


  1. Free Shipping for any order over US$30
  2. We process orders between Monday and Saturday. Orders will be processed within 2 business days of ordering and shipped out the next day after the processing day. We don’t ship on Sundays and Holidays.

Warranty service:

  1. We offer 30-day replacements and a one-year warranty quality guarantee, which is not applicable to human being damage or other subjective factors.
  2. For customized products, it doesn’t belong to quality issues or factory problems, it is not applicable to the refund policy, warm suggest you confirm the logo pattern, size, and car model before placing the order.
  3. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team, We’ll do our best to provide you with satisfactory service. 

Logo Image Options

Porsche door lights
Porsche door lights logo
Porsche door lights
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Model A, Model A battery version, Model A charge version, Model B, Model C, Model D, Model D charge version, Model E, Model F


Style A, Style B, Style C, Style D