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VW light up emblem,  5D VW logo badge for front grill. Fit for VW Tiguan/Passat/Sagitar/Bora/Santana/Jetta/Touran/Touareg/Lavita, etc. Increase the visibility of your car, and give your car an impressive look.

It is very important to measure and check the dimensions of your original badge before making an order. 


Diameter 137mm(5.39 inch)

2015-19 Gran Lavida

2019- Now   VW CC

2015-18 VW Sagitar

2016- Now  Passat

2013-16 Jetta

2017- Now  Volkswagen Weiling

2016- Now  VW Bora

2019- Now  VW Lamando

2015-18 VW Lavida

2019- Now Lavida Plus

2018- Now VW  T-ROC

2015-2020 VW GOLF 6/7/7.5

2016- Now Golf Sportsvan

2017- Now VW Sagitar B8

2019- Now VW Sagitar

2012-2015 Santana

2016- Now VW Touran

Diameter 145mm

Sepcial for VW ID3

 Diameter 147mm (5.79inch)

2010- 2017 VW Tiguan

2019- Now VW Tayron

2011- 2016 VW Passat

2013- 2014 VW Lavida

2011- Now VW Touareg

Diameter 155mm (6.10inch)

2009-2012 VW CC

2006-2010 PASSAT

2009-2011 PASSAT Lingyu

2008-2012 VW Lavida

2004-2010 Santana Vista

2007-2010 VW Touareg

2007-2010 GOLF 5

2007-2010 Magotan B6

Notice: For Golf 5/R Series Car:

Please confirm your VW car has a CCS system or ACC system before making an order:
If the car has cruise-control-system CCS, it supports upgrading VW light up emblem
If the car has Adaptive cruise control ACC, it can’t upgrade VW light up emblem。

Please check your car’ grill, if the number part is 655C. These series of cars’ front grills and emblems are built together. If you want to install an LED emblem, you need to separate the grill from the original emblem, and then use glue to install it. If you are not good at DIY or do not hire professional technicians, we suggest don’t order it.

For some VW cars, our LED emblem’s clips are different from the original emblem. When you install, you need to cut the clips and use glue to fix them.


120mm (4.72inch), 137mm(5.39 inch), 145mm(Special for VW id3), 147mm (5.79inch), 155mm (6.10inch)