What is the best car door lights?

What is the best car door lights?


What’s car door projector lights? what’s the working principle?

It is also called courtesy door light. The LED light source is refracted onto the film through the lens,and then the specific logo image is presented on the illuminated object through the lens behind the film. To achieve the desired effect through a series ofoptical reactions, following is the internal structure of the car welcome light.

car door lights structure

The car welcome lights is mainly worked in the position of car door, It can show the unique personality to make your car look artistic, and at the same time can illuminate the way of the car door for the passengers, making people feel warm and welcome.

Up to now

car door lights have been offered in the market for several years, there are over 200 models of logos for your options, there have been many versions of door projector lights, are you wondering which one is the best? Here we make a comparative analysis of Four versions of car welcome lights.

Drilling welcome light

car welcome lights

This is an early version of courtesy ghost lights, which is rarely sold in the market now.

Advantage: it fit for wide range of cars, no need replace the batteries, the door lights will not fall off after the installation.

Disadvantage: Need wiring, need drilling hole into the car door, destroy the appearance of car, it take longer time to install the lights, sometimes it make troubles to drill holes.

Battery Wireless door courtesy lights

courtesy ghost lights

Currently, this version is one of the most popular ones in the market.


The selling price on Amazon below $20, it is cheap and economic, most car owners can afford this cost.

Using adhesive sticker to fix the lights, very easy to install.

The wireless welcome lights are powered by 3 pieces of AAA 1.5V batteries, without auto modification and will not bring damage to your original car.

Automatically control, there is a small magnet that goes on the doorway floor so that when the projector meets the magnet it turns off. when open the car door, the logo will be displayed on the ground, then it will automatically turn off after 2 minutes.


Spend more money on batteries, the batteries always need replacement, most of vendors will not put batteries in the products.

The adhesive pads isn’t enough strong, it is easy to fall off when shut the door. The adhesion promoter will dry out and will not work.

Some cars can’t fit, like   Ford etc

Adopting plastic films, the logo image will go fading after working several months.

Plug & Play door lights

plug play door lights

Plug play door lights are designed according to the original door lights, 100% fit with the original car.


No damage to original car, no drilling, no adhesive, no batteries

Super easy to install, just replace with the original lights

Fully match the position of original car, No falling off


Not applicable if the original car does not have a door light.

The door lights will go fade after the car door opening some time, since it is still using plastic films, it will become blurred in a few months.

Quartz glass plug & play door lights

vw door logo projector

This is upgrade version of the previous plug & play door lights for vw, it adapt the lens structure and change the projection film material, from plastic film to quartz glass lens.


Higher definition and higher brightness projection.

Non-fading, the ghost shadow lights will keep clear and bright even if would worked several months.

Lower power consumption, upgrade with high quality led chip.

Easy installation, no drilling, no wiring, no harm to your car. Just take out the old light and replace with the lights.


If the original car do not have door lights, it is not applicable.

May you find suitable puddle lights for your car!