Guide – Why do the Car door projector lights get fading?




1.   Car door projector lights improvement history

Car door lights are also named courtesy door lights, which were originally used as exiting lighting and car door opening warnings. I remember the first generation of car welcome lights originated from 2010 to 2011 year, Some manufacturers transplanted the 3D laser logo lights under the car doors to project different patterns to show their style. Then in the 2012 year, the First generation door projector lights started to sell well all over the world. The initial welcome lights used large projection tubes, and the installation required drilling holes in the car door.
Gradually, the door projection lights are continuously improved, from large projection tubes to small projection tubes, from drilling installation way to universal paste installation way. In 2015 year, the first version of plug play door welcome lights developed and become the most popular, since those lights are Non-damage, Non-drilling to the original car. The car door welcome lights are familiar to everyone. Currently, many cars manufacturers put car door lights as standard or optional products. It becomes a widely-known product.

2. Why do the car door projection lights get fading?

Let us come back to the topic, although many people know the car ghost shadow lights, there is a common issue with the door lights. This is the conclusion we reached after investigating many car owners who installed the door welcome lights for their beloved cars. That is the door lights get fade after working 3 to 4 months, such as in the following picture


Has your car ever experienced such a situation? After the car door welcome light is lit for a period of time, it is like being washed, the pattern is distorted and blurred. In the beginning, when you installed well of the door lights, you will feel happy because the light is so cool. But when it fades, you will feel embarrassed and think it is worthless and low.
Do you know what causes the effect? In fact, it is caused by the technology of the product. The initial design of the welcome light was realized by films and color inkjet. However, the ink will gradually fade and whiten when it is baked at a high temperature in the car. Based on this defect, every manufacturer continued to improve the product, and later adopted the design of film plus laser printing, so that the lifespan of the door lights was prolonged, but the plastic film still softened and deformed under high temperature.

3. How to solve this problem? is there a better solution?

Currently, the latest solution on the market is quartz glass film plus laser printing technology. In this way, the lifespan of the door lights has been extended a lot, it will not fading and deformation at least 5 years, even more, 10 years.

The following illustrated image shows the difference between the plastic film and quartz glass film.

car door projector lights

The plastic material itself is not resistant to high temperatures, that is why the plastic films will go fade and blurry after high temperature and oxidize, and the pattern becomes blurred after a few months. The service life is very short.

The quartz glass material itself is resistant to high temperatures, so after long-term use, the glass film will still not fade, at the same time, because of the different lens combinations and arrangements, the effect of the door projection lights will be clearer and brighter than the plastic film door lights, and longer service life. This is one of our Porsche door lights films compare to others.

Porsche door lights logo


Porsche door lights logo

4. How to choose the right car door lights?

Drilling hole welcome light as an early version door lights, it is suitable for a wide variety of automobiles, no requirement change batteries, the door lights will not slide off after the installment. However, it requires wiring, requires drilling hole into the vehicle door, it utilizes plastic films, it will discolor as well as deformed after the amount of time.

Battery Paste Wireless door lights, the selling price on Amazon is under 20USD, It is economic and also cheap, making use of sticker to mount on the door lights, simple to install, but the adhesive pads are not sufficiently strong. Adopting plastic films, the logo pattern will go fading after working for a number of months.

Plug & play door lights, No damages to the original car, no drilling, no sticky, no batteries, 100% suitable to the automobile. However, if it still uses plastic films, the car door logo lights will certainly go discolor after a period of time.

Non-fading Plug & play door lights, those series of door lights have the advantages of the front plug and play welcome light, and at the same time, it improves the heat dissipation material, made with a nano-superconducting heat sink to ensure heat dissipation efficiency and high temperature resistant. It uses non-fading quartz glass films to maintain permanent brightness and high definition after long-term use.

That is why we highly recommend those non-fading car door lights, which can make your car welcome lights avoid the embarrassment of fading and keep permanent bright.

5. Which car models are available for Non-fading door projector lights?

Whatever your car is Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Range Rover, or Toyota, they are all available. Until now, The Non-fading door lights suitable for over 100 car models, including BMW, BMW Mini, Dodge, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Benz, Lexus, Toyota Crown, Land Cruiser, Prado, Highlander, Camry, Corolla, Volkswagen, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Macan, Bentley, Buick,  Nissan, Honda, Infiniti, etc. The only condition is that your original car with the puddle lights, then the Non-fading plug & play door lights are available for your car.

This is OEM BMW door lights


Which fit from BMW 1 series to BMW 8 series, from BMW X1 series to BMW X7 series, The OEM part number: 63312414105, 63312289654, 63312413538, 63312413539, 63312456413. Here you can see the Non-fading car door projector lights effect, the bright and clear logo light project on the ground when you open the car door. Do you think the lights are cool and eye-catching?

bmw door light logo


BMW door light logo

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