The car door lights use the permanent films and quartz glass lens. Even open the door for a long time, the logo light remains clear and will not fade. High definition, high quality 3D projector lights are worthy of your car.

About us

Since 2012, we manufacture the First generation car door lights.2013 year,we make smaller size of door projector lights .2014 year,we produced the 3rd wireless led car logo laser door lights,that is mount fixed by using sticker and magnet.2015 year,we develop plug&play OEM wireless courtesy door lights.

2018 year, in order to solve the issue that most of car door logo lights start fading after working 3 months. we adjusted the lens structure, adopt quartz glass films and CREE led chip, the car welcome lights remain clear and bright after working long time .

2020 year, We are the first company that provide  custom service of OEM led car door lights without light fading. We’re on a mission to bring the best effect welcome car ghost door lights for you.

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