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Light up Ford emblem LED logo, work for the front grill or tailgate badge, fit for F150, F250, etc. unscratched, sealed, add a customized feel to your vehicle, Increase the visibility of your car, give your car a glowing impressive look.

light up Ford emblem, work for the front grill or tailgate, unscratched, sealed, add a customized feel to your vehicle, Increase the visibility of your car, and give your car a glowing impressive look.

Unique Design: This product is designed for car modification enthusiasts. When the lights are not lit during the day, there is no difference from the original car mark. When the license plate lighting is on at night, the LED lights will also light up, making the marker dazzling at night, and your car get eye-catching.

Applicable to Ford: Work on 12V, Illuminated Ford LED badge Light with excellent Quality, this product has the same appearance as the original car standard and can be installed in the front grill or tailgate of the car to directly replace the original car standard. Its special vacuum plating technology ensures not only the same gloss as the original logo but also high transparency and uniform brightness.

Install: There is self-adhesive on the back, Red wire to the battery+, black wire to the battery-. strong and durable! Built-in LED lights, especially waterproof and dustproof! The life of LED lights is up to 100,000 hours

High Quality: Adopting high-quality LED light set, high brightness, and long service life. Special waterproof and dustproof design to ensure long-term use.

Led Ford emblem dimension

14.5 X 5.6cm (5.70 in * 2.20 inch)

17.6 cm * 6.9 cm (6.92 in * 2.71 inch)

Normally fit for the rear emblem.

22.7 cm * 8.6 cm (8.93 in * 3.38 inch)

Normally fit for front grill logo like pickup or SUV.

Compatible car models are as follows:

Ford F150 2004-2014 year, for front grill & rear Tailgate (require without rearview camera)

Ford F250 2005-2007 year, for front grill

Ford F350 2005-2007 year, for front grill

Ford Edge 2011-2014 year, for sport, Limited, ST, SE, SEL.

Ford Explorer 2011-2016 year, for front grill

Ford Expedition., etc.

Compatible part number: 4L34-15402A-CA, 8C3Z-1542528-A, 9L5Z-9942528-A, 4L3Z-1542528-AB, AL3Z-9942528-B.

Please make sure your vehicle requires a 9-inch badge! Not for another size, like 7 inches, etc.

Please prepare the following tools before starting:

  1. Flathead screwdriver 2. Phillips screwdriver 3. Insulating tape 4. Towel 5. Pliers

【Light up Ford Badge Installation Tips】

  1. First lay a towel next to the car logo on the trunk, and use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the car logo. The purpose of laying the towel is to prevent the car body from being scratched.
  2. Pay attention to peeling off the double-sided tape from the car body first. When prying, use moderate force, not too hard. Pry it off bit by bit and slowly, and clean the double-sided tape on the car logo and the body.
  3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the partition inside the trunk. Note that there are clips in some places. Be careful when removing the sound insulation board to see various circuits.
  4. Now install the car logo light. Pass the power cord of the car logo light through one of the car logo positioning holes and insert it into the car compartment. Tear off the single-sided tape on the back of the light up Ford badge While pulling the wire, stick the emblem light to the car body and press it. tight.
  5. The light up Ford emblem is installed, now connect the power supply. The car logo light should be connected to the power supply of the rear license plate lighting so that when the night light is turned on, the car logo light will also turn on at the same time. Find the power connector of the rear license plate light.
  6. Unplug the plug first, peel off a hole on each of the positive and negative poles to expose the wire core, press red to red, black to black to connect the wires, don’t forget to wrap them with insulating tape, and finally plug the plug back in! Reinstall the trunk lid sound insulation panel.

Return details:

Light up Ford badges aren’t regular products, if you require the emblem to be 100% suitable to your cars and vehicles, we apologize that this item is not suitable for you, we created this symbol according to the original badge, but it still has little distinction from your initial emblem, like clips.

We will test the products before shipping, after sending out the package, we can’t accept Refunds and Returns due to the wrong size. If the product has a quality issue, you can contact us.

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14.5 * 5.6cm (5.70 in * 2.20 inch), 17.6 cm * 6.9 cm (6.92 in * 2.71 inch), 22.7 cm * 8.6 cm (8.93 in * 3.38 inch)